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On this site you will find all kinds of links (I calll them bookmarks) to very good pages with thousands of visitors e.g. free stuff sites, Lotus Notes freeware and shareware, Kerst Gedichten (Christmas Poem) generator, Sinterklaas Gedichten (Saint Nicolas Poem) generator, and some websites designed and maintained by me.

How it all started...

Back in 1996 I started this website to learn HTML. After that I added my personal bookmarks from my internet browser for personal use, but soon many visitors started to search for these bookmarks as well. So, I decided to maintain them and advertise them all over the web. I also noticed that many other websites made links to my bookmarks. And because of that even more visitors found my personal bookmarks and used them. Some websites even took over my bookmarks, without even deleting my name....

A new hobby was born: creating simple websites, but make it known all over the web and try to get lots of visitors. I created some websites for friends and used my knowledge to give them a high ranking in the search machines (first Altavista, nowadays Google). My friends still thank me for that....

The Saint Nicolas and Christmas Poem generators were mainly for my own use, but since many people liked them a lot, I submitted them to the searchmachines. They are already quite old (1998), but still work great.

Since I use Lotus Notes at the office, I regularly search for Lotus Notes freeware. When I found some freeware, which nobody else has, I opened a separate page for it. This also became a page which is visited a lot.  

Pictures are a must. During the past years I tried many ways to publish pictures. Mostly on my own servers, but when sites like Flickr or webshots became popular, I decided to use that as well.

Please feel free to drop me a note in the guestbook (under Contact).

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